Over Roze Gesproken
A social documentary about the life stories of four LGBTQ+ elderly trying to claim space for their identity. Directed by Charlotte Maria. Official selection Netherlands Film Festival 2023.
Edit & concept development
Rauwkost Film - Documentary - 40'
UMM - Come Undone
Music video for the Belgian band UMM. Directed by Jorick Buurstra
UMM - Music video - 4'
Richard Hotline
This is a project born out of frustration to the expectation of immediate reaction of instant messaging which results in always having to be connected. It is like a system that I have to conform myself to, but what if that system can conform to me? I wanted to find to make the digital world come to me instead of me having to seek the digital. Also, making people jump through this hoop makes the messages feel more personal. Learn more at hotline.therichard.space
Design & development
Autonomous work - Interactive installation
Co-editor for a documentary where filmmaker Eloi Genrich shows the importance of feeling connected as a trans person. Selected for Queer Film Festival Utrecht 2023.
Autonomous work - Experimental documentary, - '17
The Self-optimizer
Experimental documentary where filmmaker Yorben den Hartog questions social media's constant pressure to self-improve by following all it's "lifestyle challenges" to see if it will truly make him the perfect human. Directed by Yorben den Hartog.
Autonomous work - Documentary - 23'
Voor Later
A video essay about how the digitalisation of photography impacts the value of photos. A film by Jorick buursta, Bas de Haas & Richard van 't Hof
Autonomous work - Video essay - 9'
Premiere plugins
When I'm working on tricky Premiere timelines, I've noticed that some workflows need a ton of manual work. Even with loads of plugins out there, sometimes I just can't find the right one. So, I decided to create a few of my own...
Autonomous work - Application
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